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  • Are your parents no longer safe at home no matter how much money and time you are spending on in-home care? Do you know that you must take Mom's keys away from her, but don't know how to begin? Do your loved ones insist that they will stay in their homes no matter what?

    Our rule of thumb is that you are at least three years behind in assessing accurately the capacity of your elders. You wear rose-colored glasses as you sit around the holiday table. Mom is forgetful? Well, gosh, didn't you forget where you put your keys just this morning?

    Do not feel alone in your frustration, concern, and fright. It is devastating to watch someone you love decline. Do you bring health care to their home? Who will pay for it? Who will manage it? Would a continuing care retirement community be a good solution? Can your parents live independently, or must they go straight into assisted-living? What if one of your parents needs skilled nursing and the other one does not? Do you separate them now, after all of these years? How do you clean out your parents' house? Where does 30 years of "stuff" go when your parents downsize?

    We help you help yourself, or those near and dear to you, with issues that are unique to the end of life. We may draft certain documents, help you find professional home health care services, lead you to appropriate care facilities, or assist you in various and sundry ways. Remember, we grew up here. Our own parents are meeting their elder issues here. No matter what stage of life our clients are in, the professionals at Your Caring Law Firm are here to assist in the planning.

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