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    Guardianship is a legal proceeding in which the court determines that someone is incapacitated. On behalf of the incapacitated person, the court appoints someone to be the guardian of the property or the guardian of the person, or both. The guardian (the responsible person) has a fiduciary relationship to the ward (the minor, or person the court has determined to be incapacitated). If you are the guardian, you have a legal right and duty to care for your ward. We guide you, as guardian, through the court system. We advise you of your legal responsibilities, which may involve making personal decisions on behalf of your ward or managing your ward's property, for example. The court stays very involved and must approve your every action and expenditure as guardian.

    On occasion, the ward may need legal representation. We represent wards, ensuring that their best interests are being met and that the guardians are doing their job. Incapacity is not a black and white concept. The ward may be capable of some things, and incapable of others. We help the ward maintain independence and dignity. Sometimes, one person files with the court a petition to determine the incapacity of another person's and the person alleged to be incapacitated disagrees and does not wish to become a ward.

    Guardianships can be heart-wrenching. Recognizing incapacity on behalf of someone you love is never easy. Going public by involving the court in every aspect of your loved one's care can be frustrating and humiliating. On the other hand, if someone you love no longer can care for himself, having the court's approval to keep your ward safe and healthy is a blessing.

    This may seem like a complicated topic, but we are here to help. Call (407) 622-1900 and let our attorneys guide you through this difficult process. Our experience in handling guardianships spans more than a decade. We provide the caring, compassionate counsel that makes this situation just a little bit easier. Call us today.

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