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    Your Caring Law Firm's attorneys are committed to helping you with your probate, trust administration, and intestacy proceedings.

    There is a tremendous amount of paperwork to be completed when someone you love has died. Knowing where to start can be daunting, especially for those who are still in the grieving process.  We are here to help you navigate through the process by providing competent and caring legal services.
    - If your loved one had a will-based plan, we help you with the probate.
    - If your loved one had a trust-based plan, we help you with the trust administration.
    - If your loved one passed away intestate (meaning had no written estate plan or will at all), the State of Florida dictates to whom the
      assets go; we help you with the intestacy proceedings.
    Both probate and intestacy proceedings involve the court stepping in to make sure that the bills are paid and the assets are distributed properly. At Your Caring Law Firm, we will assist you throughout the court proceedings. If your loved one had a will, we help you submit the will to the court. From there, the probate and intestacy procedures are similar. We help you inventory the assets, publish proper statutory notice to the creditors, ensure that legitimate creditors are paid, and distribute the balance to the appropriate beneficiaries. The court must approve your every action; you must have a lawyer to represent you; expect to spend a substantial amount of time and money during this process.

    If your loved one had a trust-based estate plan, the court does not have to be involved. This does not mean that you may do nothing! The trust must be administered. We represent trustees, advising them of their fiduciary and legal duties to creditors and beneficiaries of the trust. We help you inventory the assets, prepare trust accountings, keep the beneficiaries informed, and distribute the assets in accordance with the trust document. If the trust terms allow for immediate distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries, the trust administration may wrap up fairly quickly, and, compared to a probate or intestacy proceeding, relatively inexpensively. We also represent beneficiaries, helping to enforce your rights under the trust.
    This may seem like a complicated topic, but we are here to help. Call (407) 622-1900 and let our experienced, compassionate attorneys guide you through this difficult process. We provide caring counsel that makes the probate and/or trust administration a little bit easier. Call us today.

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