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  • Disabled beneficiaries who directly receive an inheritance risk losing their government benefits. A special needs trust is an irrevocable trust that helps protect the disabled beneficiary. Your loved one continues to qualify for government support, but also benefits from your wealth. 

    Keep in mind that there may be many people who have your disabled loved on in their plans. No matter how well-meaning, folks who leave money directly to your disabled loved one jeopardize his or her government benefits. You may set up a SNT now, to catch any inheritances or gifts that you and others wish to make to your disabled love one. 

    Funds in the special needs trust can pay for care that Medicaid and other programs do not. Dental work, eyeglasses, dedicated therapies-your loved one obviously benefits from these. But don't forget other quality of life issues, such as travel, education, and music. Properly drafted, a special needs trust can open doors for your loved one that you may not imagine.

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