How May We Help You?


Loss of a Loved One

Knowing where to start can be daunting, especially in the middle of the grieving process. We will assist you throughout the court proceedings or trust administration whether you are named as personal representative, trustee, or a beneficiary.

Loss of a Loved One (a YCLF client)

During this difficult time, we are here to guide you. Please contact our office as soon as possible.

Married Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Married Estate Planning (with adult children)

All families are modern families! Protecting your traditions, legacy and assets is where we excel.

Married Estate Planning (with minor children)

We can help you plan for your future, and create documents that safeguard your children.

Married Estate Planning (with no children)

Even married couples don’t have all of the rights and protections that a good estate plan will give them…

Unmarried Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Single Estate Planning (with children)

Estate planning is just as important, if not more so, for single parents or those in non-traditional partnerships. We are here to help you protect your loved ones.

Single Estate Planning (with no children)

Whether you’re a young adult, or further along in your life’s journey, all adults need estate planning documents!

Unmarried Partners

Let us craft an estate plan that offers you both the legal shields and benefits of marriage.

LGBTQ Clients

Same-sex and LGBTQ couples, whether married or unmarried, require plans that can negotiate the shifting landscapes of State and Federal laws. We have the experience you need.


Guardianship of a Special Needs Child

Incapacity is not a black and white concept. We find solutions whereby perhaps all of the rights of your child are not revoked, depending on the child’s abilities.

Guardianship of an Adult

Our experience in handling guardianships spans more than a decade. YCLF can provide the caring, compassionate counsel that makes this situation just a little bit easier.


Returning Clients

Estate plans should be updated every three to five years. Click here to schedule time with your attorney, or to make a payment.