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Your Caring Law Firm’s Approach to Probate

When it comes to probate proceedings, the state of Florida allows attorneys to charge a percentage of the value of the estate as their fee. When attorney Merrell Bailey opened Your Caring Law Firm, she decided she would not be able to sleep at night if she did this. No family wishes for a law firm to inherit a significant portion of the estate they intended to go to their loved ones. 

Our goal is to make the probate process as kind and quick as possible for our clients.

What kind of probate will you need?

Probates in Florida fall into two categories: summary probates or formal probates. At the time of consultation, our clients know which one they will need and a respective timeline. Probate cases can vary significantly in complexity and duration. Some estates may require minimal legal work, while others may involve extensive research, certified communication among all parties, or complex asset distribution. (Your Caring Law Firm does not engage in probate litigation, but we can certainly make referrals where needed.)  

Transparent billing

At Your Caring Law Firm, we believe in providing transparent and fair probate services to our clients. As such, we only charge for the actual probate work performed on an hourly basis and refund any portion of the retainer that remains unused. By charging on an hourly basis, we precisely match the needs of each individual client.

Our billing practice is to make sure our clients receive invoices monthly that reflect what work has been performed as the probate moves from filing to the court-issued discharge letter. This eliminates any ambiguity or surprise costs associated with a percentage-based fee. We believe that this level of transparency fosters trust between our firm and our clients. Our clients rarely need to pay more than the original retainer that was requested at consultation. We pride ourselves on experience, efficiency, and being able to provide accurate estimates that prepare our clients for what to expect as their matter moves through each county’s probate court. Probate proceedings can be unpredictable depending on the family involved. But not all matters require the full retainer, either. By refunding any unutilized funds, we aim to provide peace of mind to our clients and ensure that they are only paying for the services necessary to open and close a probate.

Central Florida Probate

Our team has experience with probates throughout every county in Florida and can help with any probate case in Florida.  We are a firm local to Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, and Lake Counties, located in Winter Park, FL.