Loss of a Loved One, a YCLF Client

During this difficult time, we are here to guide you.

Rest assured, we have guided your loved one in putting the documents in place that will make this process as easy and kind as possible.

Please contact our office as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

My loved one was your client; do you have all of their documents saved? What do I need to bring to my appointment with you?

First, we can only speak with those named in charge; either the Personal Representative (Executor), or the Agent named in a Durable Power of Attorney.

We do have copies of their estate plans, but our law firm does not hold originals! Please bring all of the originals with you.

Please also bring your identification and the completed probate packet (found below).

Understanding Probate
We hope that these blog articles may answer some of your initial questions about probate.

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