Married Estate Planning (with minor children)

If you created your basic estate planning documents (Durable Power of Attorney and others) when you were a single, or first married, you have a great foundation for your estate plan.

Estate plans should be reviewed every five years or so throughout your life, but it is best to create a plan for the life you want for yourselves and your loved ones now. We are here to give you the framework that will help you achieve your goals!

With minor children, estate plans include emergency plans for guardians in the event that you and your spouse or unable to raise them; estate plans can often include various forms of trusts that are set up to provide for your minor children as they transition into adulthood.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many different kinds of trusts. How do we know which to choose for our family?

There’s no short answer or chart for this one. During our consultation, we’ll take the time to discuss your concerns and options in depth.

A lot can change as our kids grow up; how flexible are estate plans?

We advise most of our clients to update their plans every three to five years. But at any time, the Guardian that you and your spouse have nominated can be changed. Short of an irrevocable trust, trusts can also be changed. The important thing is to have a plan in place that will take care of your loved ones. It can be refined at any time.

Understanding Estate Planning
Everyone has an estate! An estate is everything you own.

Good estate planning is not only about how you intend to pass your things and assets on after you’ve gotten on the bus, but it’s also about how you plan to pass on your values.

A well-thought out estate plan will also make the transition easier on your loved ones; You can help them avoid unnecessary costs and complications in probate and trust administration, make sure they are clear on your desires for funeral arrangements, and that they won’t be fighting over your estate.

Guardianship is one of the biggest components of an estate plan for couples with young children.

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