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Markers of Cognitive Decline – Audio Recording

Are you concerned about an elder in your family? Are you going home for the holidays? Merrell Bailey shares humorous memories of her family holidays and discusses signs of cognitive decline in your loved ones that can’t be ignored. ESTATE PLANNING GREENHOUSE: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a collaboration by Bok Tower Gardens Department of

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Coronavirus, estate planning, and small business

If you’re like many people, you may not have your estate planning documents in order yet. Last week, I was interviewed for an article Super Lawyers did about the Covid-19 crisis, and the biggest piece of advice I shared with their audience is not to panic, but to get it done. Your Caring Law Firm

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estate planning when you're expecting

Estate Planning for Expecting Parents

If the stork is on his way, add estate planning to your list of things to do as expectant parents. It may not be as fun as picking out nursery colors or planning the baby shower, but it’s much more important! Estate and financial plans updated for a little one on the way will include:

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teps for the personal representative

Steps for the Personal Representative

It can be overwhelming when a loved one passes away. The following steps are written as a guide for the next of kin or personal representative of the decedent. Although they are ordered, many of these tasks can be undertaken at the same time. For example, the first steps in administrative tasks can be taken

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Professional Guardians

We Love Professional Guardians

Is Grandma no longer financially capable? Does Uncle Edwin need someone to take over his financial affairs? At Your Caring Law Firm, we recognize that our elders are living longer, and may need help paying bills and handling their assets as they age. We also are big fans of professional guardians. Many of our clients

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estate planning and independent living

Clear-sighted Planning

I want to share a story of a couple that is approaching the next season of their lives with a refreshingly prudent look at their coming years. When they left our office, I felt inspired and couldn’t help but think that if more adults would look at their aging rationally while they were young enough

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Are You a Senior? Celebrate!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball Sage advice. My mother lied about her age starting in the 1940s. Her sister was four years older, and had started lying about her age, and all of a sudden, my Aunt Marianna was younger than

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