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Preparing for the Next Hurricane Irma

Houston under water.  Puerto Rico destroyed. Central Florida battered.  Natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma can be a sobering experience. Many clients and friends walked away from their Florida homes, prepared to lose everything. Most of us in Central Florida were very lucky and have our power back. The grocery store aisles are almost full

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Lattes vs. Life Insurance: Do Millennials Really Have to Choose?

Life insurance plays a key role in achieving one’s estate planning goals. We recommend a three-pronged approach in convincing Millennials that life insurance has relevance to their lives. Lattes vs. Life Insurance: Do Millennials Really Have to Choose? Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 By Mary Merrell Bailey, Esq. This month marks the 12th anniversary of Life Insurance

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

The June Wedding was Spectacular and the Newlyweds Are Back. So What’s Estate Planning Got to Do with It? Estate planning for newlyweds should begin immediately following the honeymoon.The summer wedding season has begun! It’s always so exciting to witness two people falling in love and planning romantic destination weddings. Seeing a happy couple pledge

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Estate Planning for Young Adults

Teenagers, rejoice! At age 18, your government says you are an adult and your parents have no legal ability to make decisions for you. Just what you want, right? No more nagging about cleaning up after yourself, making something of your life, and sitting up straight. Parents, beware! When your child turns age 18, your

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Your Child and Their Inheritance: How to Share the Financials

Most children are left in the dark regarding detailed information about their parents’ financials. Well-off parents may not want to tell their children for fear of them becoming dependent. Parents who struggle financially may not tell their children as a means to keep them from worrying. Both approaches are understandable, but in failing to speak

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