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Coronavirus, estate planning, and small business

If you’re like many people, you may not have your estate planning documents in order yet. Last week, I was interviewed for an article Super Lawyers did about the Covid-19 crisis, and the biggest piece of advice I shared with their audience is not to panic, but to get it done. Your Caring Law Firm

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Rosemont Community Abstract of Title

This Abstract of Title for the old Rose farm at the corner of 441 and Lee Road in Orlando is delightful. Developed into the Rosemont community, it includes the history of the land. Restrictions on development of the golf course parcels until at least year 2072 begin on page 354. Because of the size of the

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Celebrate National Old Stuff Day!

National Old Stuff Day In honor of National Old Stuff Day on March 2nd, Your Caring Law Firm suggests you celebrate your old stuff by giving it a meaningful send-off. 1. Old suits and work clothing: Dress for Success of Greater Orlando’s mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network

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Grief Smells Like Orange Blossoms

Smell invokes memory unlike any other sense. The treacly-sweet aroma of Florida springtime clobbers me with grief every March. Enveloped in the cloying perfume of citrus in bloom, I flash to my senior year of high school when Megan McCabe died. Megan was thoughtful and smart and funny and pretty, and a member of the

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So You Want to Present a National Webinar?

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to present with a group of experts on a webinar that will have people from across the country listening? Here are some helpful hints that I learned from my recent experience. I was invited by WealthCounsel™ to be a panelist with Lew Dymond, Peter Parenti, and Paul Bernstein to discuss the

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