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estate planning when you're expecting

Estate Planning for Expecting Parents

If the stork is on his way, add estate planning to your list of things to do as expectant parents. It may not be as fun as picking out nursery colors or planning the baby shower, but it’s much more important! Estate and financial plans updated for a little one on the way will include:

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Professional Guardians

We Love Professional Guardians

Is Grandma no longer financially capable? Does Uncle Edwin need someone to take over his financial affairs? At Your Caring Law Firm, we recognize that our elders are living longer, and may need help paying bills and handling their assets as they age. We also are big fans of professional guardians. Many of our clients

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Who Will Raise My Children if I Die Without Naming a Guardian?

For parents, the summer months are a welcome change in routine. Families go on vacation, children enjoy day camp, and grandparents are excited to give busy parents a much-needed break. Although summer provides a time to relax and enjoy family activities, it’s also the ideal time for parents to ask themselves, “Who will raise our

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Navigating Guardianships of a Minor’s Estate

Guardianship of a Minor’s Estate This week we take a look at Paul Walker’s death and the legal guardianship of his daughter. TMZ has reported that the actor left his $25 million dollar fortune to his 15-year-old daughter, and asked that the probate court name Paul’s mother as the legal guardian of Paul’s daughter, as well

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Amanda Bynes’ Parents Seek Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes’ parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ, are currently waiting to hear from Judge Glen M. Reiser if they will be granted conservatorship over their daughter. The 27-year-old actress is currently undergoing a 14-day psychiatric evaluation at a California hospital following her driveway fire-setting stint. Bynes is due back in court on August 9

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single estate planning

Who Will Raise Hope?

There is a corny television show named Raising Hope. It is about a twenty-something young man named Jimmy who is raising his daughter Hope because her mother was executed for a crime she committed. Jimmy lives with his mother, Virginia, father, Bert, grandmother and daughter Hope. They are a wacky family that marches to the

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