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A Will or Trust? It’s Not About the Size of Your Estate

When I use the word “trust” in a consultation, people often quickly tell me that they don’t have enough money or assets to require a trust. This is a common misconception, that a trust requires a vast estate. Perhaps we owe that to the word “trust” conjuring up visions of large philanthropic organizations that operate

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Effect of Divorce on Your Will, Trust, and Beneficiary Forms

Are you going through a divorce, or have gone through one recently? If you’ve ever had the passing thought that your ex-spouse is still named in your will or trust, and cringed, thinking that you have to get that changed before you accidentally hand over your accounts to someone whom you don’t even want to

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If You Own Out of State Property, Establish a Trust

If you own out of state property, it’s almost a certainty that you and your family will be better served by a trust instead of a will. Why is that? First, consider that probate is unavoidable with a will. Many of my clients arrive at my office assuming that probate is only for those that

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Choosing the Right Trustee

Revocable living trusts are wonderful because of the flexibility they allow in managing your assets and providing for continued management in the event of disability. Most people choose to be trustees of their own revocable living trust during their lifetimes, but a critical choice facing those making trusts is who to select to manage things

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