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Markers of Cognitive Decline – Audio Recording

Are you concerned about an elder in your family? Are you going home for the holidays? Merrell Bailey shares humorous memories of her family holidays and discusses signs of cognitive decline in your loved ones that can’t be ignored. ESTATE PLANNING GREENHOUSE: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a collaboration by Bok Tower Gardens Department of

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Clear-sighted Planning

I want to share a story of a couple that is approaching the next season of their lives with a refreshingly prudent look at their coming years. When they left our office, I felt inspired and couldn’t help but think that if more adults would look at their aging rationally while they were young enough

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Are You a Senior? Celebrate!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball Sage advice. My mother lied about her age starting in the 1940s. Her sister was four years older, and had started lying about her age, and all of a sudden, my Aunt Marianna was younger than

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The Neighbor is Herding Your Cats

What happens without a will or trust for your pets, or plans for them? I was on vacation a little while ago when I received a call from Orange County Animal Services, notifying me that I had come into possession of four cats. I like cats. But I’m allergic to them. And after that thought,

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A new website from the Florida Department of Transportation’s Safe Mobility for Life Program,, is designed to offer solutions to aging adults (and others) who have given up their car keys. Listings feature information on whether door-to-door service is offered, and if vehicles have wheelchair accessibility. Your Caring Law Firm took for a

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Celebrate Mom by Talking with Her about Her Future!

Celebrate Mom by Talking with Her about Her Future

Mother’s Day is approaching.  How are you planning to celebrate Mom this year? Flowers always are a safe bet. Perhaps you and your siblings could create a photo album enjoying years of gatherings.  Maybe you could take your whole family out to brunch, or have a spa day with her. Best yet, offer Mom the

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Your Funeral Wishes – Your Way

You may already have estate planning documents to ensure that your worldly possessions are passed on in a manner consistent with your values and traditions. But have you thought about planning ahead to spare your loved ones from the painful task of making decisions regarding your funeral arrangements – while they are grieving? Do you

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Coping with an Unexpected Death in Your Home

Death often comes without warning. Returning home to find that a loved one has passed away unexpectedly can be traumatizing and leave you in a state of shock and disbelief. Your ability to think clearly is compromised as stress levels rise, and stress affects your ability to make quick decisions. Confusion sets in. You panic.

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