• Real Estate Fails

    Grandma thought she was doing everything she should have been doing. She was, but she was getting it done by someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

  • Estate Planning Questions during the Covid-19 Crisis

    The Tax Boss Podcast is sponsored by Your Caring Law Firm and The Law Center P.C.
    In this episode, attorneys Merrell Bailey and Krystal Woodbury discuss their answers to the most common estate planning questions they are getting.

  • Grief

    Merrell and Krystal discuss helping clients through the grieving process, and a book about remembering loved ones, The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock.

  • The SECURE Act

    The SECURE Act of 2020:

    • is changing retirement, and it may change how your wealth is distributed;
    • it may require a check-in with your estate planner to adjust your estate plan’s language and/or structure to do what you originally intended;
    • or if you’re an advisor, it may require a check-in with the estate planner and other financial professionals in your client’s sphere

  • Estate Planning through Beneficiary Designations

    When is estate planning through beneficiary designations and/or payable on death designations a good idea? Merrell and Krystal discuss the very particular situations and criteria that makes this a safe estate planning tool.

The Tax Boss Podcast is sponsored by Your Caring Law Firm and the Law Center P.C.

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