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Yes, Virginia, Your Uncle’s Will Must Be Probated

During the month of January we began seeing a flurry of clients walk through the door with probate issues.  Based on what we’re seeing, most Americans – irrespective of educational background or socioeconomic circumstances – seem to be under the misimpression that having a will means the beneficiaries will receive their inheritance posthaste and without

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Six Tips to Start Your Financial Goal-Setting

The month of January generates a steady stream of news articles and broadcast messaging about financial goal-setting. To cut down on the overwhelming clutter we’ve compiled a series of tools, tips, and resources to support your financial wellness efforts. Has the recent stock market volatility left you wondering if you have to adjust your spending

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Lattes vs. Life Insurance: Do Millennials Really Have to Choose?

Life insurance plays a key role in achieving one’s estate planning goals. We recommend a three-pronged approach in convincing Millennials that life insurance has relevance to their lives. Lattes vs. Life Insurance: Do Millennials Really Have to Choose? Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 By Mary Merrell Bailey, Esq. This month marks the 12th anniversary of Life Insurance

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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

The June Wedding was Spectacular and the Newlyweds Are Back. So What’s Estate Planning Got to Do with It? Estate planning for newlyweds should begin immediately following the honeymoon.The summer wedding season has begun! It’s always so exciting to witness two people falling in love and planning romantic destination weddings. Seeing a happy couple pledge

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National Healthcare Decisions Day – A Platform to Have the Conversation

Founded in 2008, National HealthCare Decisions Day (NHDD) is the day set aside to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance healthcare decision-making. Did you know that tomorrow is April 16th — National Healthcare Decisions Day?  Those of us who offer legal counsel, advisory services, or healthcare related services are particularly mindful

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Leaving a Legacy: What’s “Blue Bloods” Got To Do With It?

Leaving a legacy may mean passing down one’s wealth to beneficiaries and loved ones or preserving for future generations the family’s traditions, values, and journeys. Leaving a legacy is not about material things. It’s preserving family traditions and values for future generations. It always amazes me that watching a few hours of TV can stimulate

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