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Celebrate National Old Stuff Day!

National Old Stuff Day In honor of National Old Stuff Day on March 2nd, Your Caring Law Firm suggests you celebrate your old stuff by giving it a meaningful send-off. 1. Old suits and work clothing: Dress for Success of Greater Orlando’s mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network

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What’s in Your Mailbox?

Every month, you probably receive dozens of solicitations. Some of them can look very official and urgent. For example, one of our clients received this piece of mail and was left wondering if obtaining a Certificate of Status from the State of Florida was a step he’d overlooked in registering his LLC. Not at all!

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Can an RV or boat qualify as homestead under Florida law?

The answer is an unequivocal, “maybe.” It is completely fact-based, depending on the circumstances of that particular RV or boat. The relevant terms in the Florida Constitution include “dwelling house” used as a “residence.” How can I prove that my RV is my homestead? The process for getting an RV deemed to be taxed as

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Preparing for the Next Hurricane Irma

Houston under water.  Puerto Rico destroyed. Central Florida battered.  Natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma can be a sobering experience. Many clients and friends walked away from their Florida homes, prepared to lose everything. Most of us in Central Florida were very lucky and have our power back. The grocery store aisles are almost full

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The Florida Electronic Wills Act

It’s wonderful to live in the 21st century, where Amazon orders often arrive less than 24 hours after being placed, even on Sundays. Movies are on demand, and the internet allows us to manage banking and all else without ever needing to leave the house. And when I do leave the house, I wonder how

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Celebrate Mom by Talking with Her about Her Future!

Celebrate Mom by Talking with Her about Her Future

Mother’s Day is approaching.  How are you planning to celebrate Mom this year? Flowers always are a safe bet. Perhaps you and your siblings could create a photo album enjoying years of gatherings.  Maybe you could take your whole family out to brunch, or have a spa day with her. Best yet, offer Mom the

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Five Clues That it’s Time to Update Your Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is often an emotional exercise. For some individuals, engaging in thoughtful decision making regarding the orderly distribution of one’s assets provides a sense of peace, satisfaction, and even pride. For others, the experience may be daunting as they come face-to-face with their own sense of mortality. In either situation, once the

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Your Funeral Wishes – Your Way

You may already have estate planning documents to ensure that your worldly possessions are passed on in a manner consistent with your values and traditions. But have you thought about planning ahead to spare your loved ones from the painful task of making decisions regarding your funeral arrangements – while they are grieving? Do you

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