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The Internet vs. The Professional

How is it that most attorneys, with decades of legal knowledge continuing education, are being replaced by electronic documents or advice forums? Welcome to the age of the Internet.

The Internet has unfortunately encouraged the rise of amateurism in all professional fields. You may have a recurring migraine and instead of consulting the expert neurologist, you simply type WebMD into Google and self-diagnose.

My staff and I come across this Internet vs. Professional mentality daily. Yes, it is easy to sit in the comfort of your own home and access hundreds of pages of answers. Yes, they are generally free. Yes, these answers are offered in a lighting fast .03 seconds (props to you, Google).

While any professional cannot offer you thousands of words per second, guarantee free advice, or travel to your desired location, attorneys can offer you credible information. We are professionals. You cannot get our valuable one-to-one personal advice on the Internet.

Our Client Assistant recently read the book, “The Path To Happiness and Wealth” by Steve Rhode. She came across an excerpt that perfectly summarizes my point.

“People shoot themselves in the foot all the time because they are always looking for the cheapest advice or service and then they are disappointed when it turns out to be less than they expected. You simply can’t be surprised by that. When you are looking for advice and guidance, don’t shop by price alone, that’s just foolish. Good people who don’t charge a fair rate for their services have issues. They don’t value their time and if their time and advice is not valuable to them, why would it be valuable to you?”

When it comes to you and your family, do not put your future at risk by relying on internet amateurs for legal advice on complex issues. We draft estate planning documents and no two estate plans are exactly the same. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I just need a simple Will,” I would be rich and famous. All legal documents are not created equal and we do so much more than give you a form.

Visit us for a consultation, and you will leave feeling secure in the knowledge that we have years of experience in estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, guardianship, and litigation and we’ve helped you craft a plan without oversights or mistakes.