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  • We hope you will enjoy our blog as we provide unfettered color commentary and fun observations on everyday events relevant to our practice areas.
    Video Blog

    Important Planning Topics for Seniors and Loved Ones (Video)

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    Royal Baby: Choosing a Guardian (Video)

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    Steps to Take After Someone Dies (Video)

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    Downton Abbey: How to Declare Someone Dead With No Body (Video)

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    Downton Abbey: What to do if a Houseguest Dies in Your Bed (Video)

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    Written Blog

    Your Funeral Wishes − Your Way

    Do you have specific ideas about how you would want your life celebrated? We encourage our clients to think through all the options.
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    The Presidential Candidates, the Federal Estate Tax, and the Capital Gains Income Tax

    What plans does Donald Trump have for the estate tax versus Hillary Clinton? How do the plans differ compared to the current rules?
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    6-Step Estate Planning Checklist for 2017

    We have prioritized a checklist summarizing what we consider to be “6 very important action items.”
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    Greed or Passive Opportunism? Financial Exploitation of the Elderly an Unfortunate Reality

    Who are the perpetrators? It could be anyone. They can range from caregivers, home repair scams and handymen, to family members and “institutional perpetrators” such as professional advisors, trustees, and church ministers.
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    Financial Literacy in Working Women Improves While Knowledge Gap Persists for Female Retirees and Widows

    Recent studies reveal that financial capability among working women is improving, but closing the financial literacy gap has a long way to go as it relates to retired women and older widows.
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