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Who Will Raise Hope?

There is a corny television show named Raising Hope. It is about a twenty-something young man named Jimmy who is raising his daughter Hope because her mother was executed for a crime she committed. Jimmy lives with his mother, Virginia, father, Bert, grandmother and daughter Hope. They are a wacky family that marches to the

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It (Still) Takes a Village for Special Needs Children

Back in 1996 Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, “It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” was published. No political figure can write anything without it stirring up partisan controversy, but this post isn’t being written for political purposes, so we’re going to set aside any conversation of her overt agenda in writing the

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Grief Smells Like Orange Blossoms

Smell invokes memory unlike any other sense. The treacly-sweet aroma of Florida springtime clobbers me with grief every March. Enveloped in the cloying perfume of citrus in bloom, I flash to my senior year of high school when Megan McCabe died. Megan was thoughtful and smart and funny and pretty, and a member of the

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So You Want to Present a National Webinar?

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to present with a group of experts on a webinar that will have people from across the country listening? Here are some helpful hints that I learned from my recent experience. I was invited by WealthCounsel™ to be a panelist with Lew Dymond, Peter Parenti, and Paul Bernstein to discuss the

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Hey, what about a Living Will?

Recently, I watched the season premiere of “Brothers and Sisters.” It was packed with legal issues, pertinent to the type law I practice. You know the show, the strong matriarch, Sally Fields, at the head of the whiny family known as the Walkers. It takes place one year after the horrible automobile accident that occurred at the

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